Thursday, September 21, 2006

Episodes not available at the moment!

Mythbusters - Plants and Music
The Mythbusters team uncovers the myth of if you talk to your plants they will grow better. Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test.

Mythbusters - Needle in a Hay Stack
The Mythbusters team make devices to try to find the Needle in the haystack, it's a competition between Jamie and Adam to see which devices work the best.

Mythbusters - Car Pole Vault
The Mythbuster team puts to the test a long standing myth; that if a drive shaft is broken and hits a pot hole and would than fly up and be "pole vaulted" into the sky.

Mythbusters - Bug Bomb Bomb
The Mythbusters team trys to figure out if setting multiple bug bombs off in a house combined with a spark from an oven or other device would cause the house to explode.

Myth Busters - Breaking Glass With Human Voice
Adam and Jamie test if it's really possible to break glass with the human voice!

Mythbusters - Fire Without Matches
Fire can be started using the friction caused by rubbing two sticks together?...using a bullet?...using a pop can bottom polished with chocolate?

Mythbusters-Cola Bits:
Adam and Jamie test if Cola can quench your thirst and clean your toilet.

Mythbusters - Killer Quicksand
Tarzan used it successfully against his enemies, but will killer quicksand take down the MythBusters?

Mythbusters - Buttered Toast
Does buttered toast falling off a table always land buttered side down or buttered side up?

Mythbusters - Ming Dynasty Astronaut
Building a rocket chair powered by bamboo rocket motors to test the legend of Wan Hu's Journey into space.

Mythbusters - Deadly Straw (part1)
Mythbusters - Deadly Straw (part2)
Could a tornado drive a straw thru a palm tree trunk?

Mythbusters - Beat the Breath Test
Adam and Jamie get jiggy with a Breathalyzer, testing the theory that very drunk people are lucid enough to fool technology.

Short clips:
Mythbusters Explode Cement Truck
Mythbusters Beat Finger Print Security System
Mythbusters Playing with Diet Coke and Mentos
Mythbusters Tree Cannon